Wisastar - Cielos Gigantes

Wisastar - Self Fly expeditions around Argentina

Aerial Tourism for Pilots

The geography of Argentina is breathtaking, some of the most astounding features are inaccessible by land.  Wisastar is a unique opportunity for a pilot to become a pioneer of early flying.  With access to single engine aircraft and the company of a host pilot, we propose multiple day expeditions around the argentine landscape.

Cielos Gigantes

Cielos Gigantes

Through a series of expeditions, we offer the possibility of exploring different areas of Argentina with land activities available too.  Explore the different vineyards of Mendoza, go trout fishing in Patagonia or fishing on the mighty Parana river.

Exciting destinations under the argentine skies are proposed dependent on the weather conditions.

Self Fly, You Fly -  why this formula?

We have found that the exhilaration of being the master of the sky with the landscape your oyster unparalleled.  Pilots are always looking up to the skies and over the horizon.  We want to offer the ability for a pilot to visit Argentina using the mode of transport that was meant for these incredible landscapes.  The ability to go point to point with a host pilot to guide the way opens a new horizon.

Wisastar - what's in a name?

Every student pilot has been encouraged to read "Wind, Sand and Stars", a book about the pioneer days of air mail by Antoine de St Exupery.  We chose to give our company the name inspired by the book which inspires student pilots everywhere.

LV-BAG flying by

Cielos Gigantes

You haven't lived until you have sat by a river with a mate in your hand and really appreciated an Argentine sky.